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On that evening Livingston was having a drink seated in the center of the Doherty bar, then called the Grill Room. At some point he left to go to his room in the hotel.

Jack Livingston

Courtesy The Seattle DAiLY TiMES, 1938

In a booth along the northwest corner of the Grill Room, Leebove was seated with Pete Geller, formerly from the Michigan Attorney General’s office and his wife, Elizabeth. There may have been one other person at the table, either Leebove’s wife, Enida, or a business acquaintance.

They were enjoying drinks with lively conversation. Life and business was good. They didn’t have a care in the world. No one suspected anything was wrong. No one noticed that Livingston had returned to the restaurant. Even if they saw, it wasn’t a big deal. He was always there and he was a partner in Mammoth Oil.

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