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I can’t pretend that I completely understand this place after spending almost four months living, and traveling around Japan I am now perhaps even more lost than I was at the beginning the problem with travel is the more you learn, and discover you realize the less you actually know as soon as I think I have Japan figured out a new door opens it’s follow-on konichiwa the only solution I’ve ever known for this uncomfortable position is to just absorb as much as positive like tofu, and a big bowl of chanko nabe the goal is to take in substance, and gain perspective new flavors change what I thought I knew about Japanese food I see the process of sushi auction packaged prepare to present it I see the amount of care put into each bowl of soup I see the precision taken it’s like everyday cooked my palate evolves that’s a pickle egg yolk that’s delicious I was a very interesting flavor trout with layers of seaweed it’s like a tofu texture.

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But it tastes cheesy I’ve officially lost all form of articulating what this is a new adventures change what I thought I knew about Japanese culture from the snow-capped mountains of Misawa to the top of the waters of Ishigaki my outlook widens, and new relationships change what I thought I knew about Japanese people as it has been with every other chapter in this life what determines a few point more than anything else is the people we need along the way truth is the reason I came to Japan was to find a place that was completely out of my element I was in search of something unique to anything I’ve ever known luckily for me that’s exactly what I found, and I am forever shaped by this experience a few months ago I started planning, and thinking that this is possible, and Japan came up on the radar, and I said this is the chance, and it did it, and to accomplish that goal to to have that dream, and then go out, and and do it is an incredible feeling I had no idea what I was doing as you saw even even today even on this trip here I didn’t know what I was doing I just took a bus, and found my way, and somehow someway made it happen, and it feels good it feels really really good not.

So romantic toy oh man feel like, I’m on spaceship hey you guys thank you so much for reading the post, and for those who watch the entire Japan series I really really appreciate it if you liked the post as always give it a thumbs up leave a comment let me know what you’d like to know more about in Japan or maybe something that I missed click that comment button if you haven’t already share the post with your friends, and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for those of you who follow along, and watch these posts, and leave comments means the world to me, and it allows me the the ability to go out, and shoot more posts, and and to really live my dreams, and hopefully I inspire some of you to do the same. But really thank you thank you so much see you guys next week.

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