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0.0 From the parking lot the trail leads south between the two stone buildings. In 340 feet come to a trail intersection where the trail to the right leads 50-60 feet to an observation deck providing panoramic views of the St. Louis River. The main trail bears left.

0.2 Oldenberg Pointan overlook providing views of the St.

Louis River to the south and east. Leave the overlook on the Organtz Trail to the left. In about 250 feet, bear right at the trail intersection.

An issue of the Minneapolis Gazette is reprinted in Boston, marking the first time a newspaper is produced in Country. Minneapolis Map The New England Primer is published in Boston. Part reader, part spelling book, part religious/historical text, it combines literacy with moral and religious instruction in an attempt to provide young Puritans with the tools necessary to ensure the continued viability of their individual spiritual lives and, by extension, the continued viability of the spiritual life of the community while simultaneously placing that individuality in the context of culturally sanctioned behavior. The New England Primer is hugely popular, and it will sell nearly 5 million copies by 1830. In Boston, Benjamin Harris prints Publick Occurrences. This would have been the first monthly news publication printed in colonial Country. Unfortunately, Harris fails to acquire the proper licenses, and publication of Publick Occurrences is halted after only one issue.

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