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The history of Latinos in Minnesota is in large part the history of Mexicans in Minnesota. Currently, there are 15 times more Mexicans in Minnesota than the

The Heroes of Freedom, Justice, and Peace mural, painted by Teens Networking Together and artist Craig David in 1995 on the wall of the popular west side restaurant El Burrito Mercado. The west side of St. Paul: The Ellis Island of Minnesota. Photo by Leigh Roethke. Courtesy of Afton Historical Society Press: Afton, MN.

second-largest Latino group, Puerto Ricans, and 40 times more than the third group, Ecuadorians. The disproportionate numbers of Mexicans in comparison to other Latino groups has been the case since Latinos first began to arrive in Minnesota in the late 1800s, although in the past decade Latinos from Central and South America have started to come to Minnesota in large numbers. Latinos from several nations now live throughout the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area as well as in several towns in rural Minnesota.

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