Moon Phases Fishing

Full moon is a good time to fish for mackerel, bluefish, and striped bass. Conversely, the full of the moon is not a good time to seek freshwater bass, bullheads, white perch, or pickerel.

If you have the option, try to plan your freshwater fishing trip to coincide with the week before or after the new moon.

Moon Phases Fishing Photo Gallery

On neaps, it is fairly easy to dive at any state of the tide, providing there is little or no wind, but a surface marker buoy is essential. The visibility can be exceptional during neaps and light westerly winds during the summer months. A wide kelp- and tangleweed-covered plateau, harbouring an interesting array of small marine life, with a few small crevices breaking the monotony of this wide area of flat reef. The reef top slopes up from 15 metre s at the north end to 10 metres before it terminates in some wide channels and a steep cliff face at the southern edge. Definitely a slack water dive because there is not too much cover from the strong tidal stream. An almost cliff-like hill drops down to a flat sloping seabed at 18 metres. A number of huge boulders are lying around at the bottom, along with a few large anchors and strings of lobster creels. The best time to dive is at low slack water, due to the strong current. There is not the same quality or quantity of marine life about on the south side of the reef in comparison with the north. Whirl rocks or Off Bus and in Bus Approximately 200 metres NNE of Knavestone is the beginning of the notorious reef known as Whirl Rocks, or the Off and In Buses.

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