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Which method, I think, can be liable to the Uzbekistan Map Tourist Attractions least objection, and put the whole in the truest light. When this country the province of Uzbekistan Map Tourist Attractions New-York came first under the crown of Great Britain, our Five Nations of Indians were mortal enemies of the French at Canada, and were in a continual war with them, and all the nations of Indians around the lakes; so that then it was not safe for the English to travel further than the countries of the Five Nations; nor would our Indians permit the far Indians, with whom they had constant war, to pass through their countries to Albany.

Besides, the Five Nations of Indians were at that time so numerous, consisting of ten times the number of fighting men they now do, that the trade with them alone was very considerable for so young and small a colony. In the latter end of King Charles’s reign, when the duke of York and popish councils prevailed, the Governor of New-York, who was likewise a papist, had orders to use all his endeavours to make up a peace between our nations the Iroquois and the French; and that he should persuade the Five Nations to admit French priests among them, in order to civilize them. The consequence of which was, that the French thereby obtained a free commerce upon the lakes, and obtained leave to build Cataraqui Fort upon the north side of Lake Ontario, and have two vessels of force upon the same lake. From this time, during all king James’s reign, the French, whenever they had any differences with our Five Nations, threatened that the English of New-York would join with them, and destroy the Five Nations; by which, and the practices of the French priests, our Five Nations became very much alienated in their affections from the English, and looked upon them as a people depending upon the French.

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