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It’s 135km (84 miles) long. Avoid calling ‘Halt! Who goes there?’ to everyone you meet. It’s mildly amusing for the first three miles, but by mile 81 your fellow walkers may be fantasising about aiming a well-aimed spear at your back. Despite being 2,000-odd years in the making, they’ve still only laid the foundations in places.

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Rating An invigorating 7.


Earn the admiration of your local pub-quiz team by telling them that in 2012 Wales became the first country in the world to provide a continuous walking route around its entire coastline. Stretching from the Dee Estuary, near Chester, to Chepstow in the Bristol Channel, it is 1,400km (870 miles), so it’s not your typical weekend wander.

Rating A perfect 10, although hikers leaving their car at Chester will have to tackle Offa’s Dyke to complete the circuit. (Rating for the entire circumnavigation of Wales: 18+)


Exists as a great idea, and work has begun to create a continuous coastal route, but don’t pack your rucksack just yet. The first new section, at Weymouth in Dorset, opened in time for the sailing events of the London 2012 Olympics. Astute bluffers will appreciate the Olympian connection. Completing this new path will be a marathon, not a 4,426km (2,750-mile) sprint.

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