Naples Map Tourist Attractions

Naples Map Tourist Attractions


Neapolitan nightlife is seasonal. Content to groove at the small clubs and discos during the winter, Neapolitans return to the streets and piazzas in summer. Piazza Vanvitelli in Vomero draws young people to relax and socialize. Piazza San Domenico Maggiore is another hotspot. Take the funicular from V. Toledo or bus C28 from P. Vittoria. Outdoor bars and cafes are a popular choice in Piazza Bellini, near P. Dante. ARCI-GAYLesbica ( 081 551 82 93) has info on gay and lesbian club nights.


Caffe Letterario Intra Moenla, P. Bellini 70. Appeals to intellectuals by keeping books amidst the wicker furniture. Outside, vines climb on walls, and the remains of a Roman building lie excavated in the ground. Open daily 10am-2am. AmExMCV.

Itaca, P. Bellini 71. Black decorand eerie trance music will beckon to your dark side. Lip rings don’t hinder patrons from guzzling candy-coated cocktails (‚6-7). Beer ‚3-4. Open daily 10am-3am. AmExMCV.

Cafeteria San Domenico, in P. San Domenico Maggiore. Packed every night with throngs of Neapolitan university students. Though there’s plenty of outdoor seating, the tables are often packed. Shots ‚3-4. Mixed drinks ‚4.50-5.50. Open daily 7am-2am.

La Tapas, V. Paladino 56. A low-key favorite of university students and their professors, close to the bustling nightlife of P.S. Domenico Maggiore. Outdoor seating in an alcove just down V. Nilo from V. dei Tribunali. Enjoy the sangria (glass ‚1.60; liter ‚9). Open daily 7pm-2:30am.


Camelot, V.S. Pietro a Majella 8. Just off P. Bellini in the historic center, Camelot has 2 stories of dim lighting, good beer, and fantastically loud pop music. Beer ‚2.60. Open Sept.-June Tu-Su 10:30pm-5am.

Madison Street, V. Sgambati 47, in Vomero. Large dance floor for weekend revelry. Cover ‚10. Open Sept.-May F-Su 10pm-4am.

Riot, V.S. Biagio 39, off C. Umberto I. Hear local artists play jazz and sing the blues. Though usually low-key, crowds are often vociferous in support of the live performers. Open Th-Su 10:30pm-3am.

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