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For Moses, meek as he was, libeled Cain; Naples Map and who is it that has not libeled the Devil? For according to Mr. Attorney it Naples Map is no justification to say that one has a bad name. Echard has libeled our good King William; Burnet has libeled, among others, King Charles and King James; and Rapin has libeled them all.

How must a man speak or write; or what must he hear, read, or sing; or when must he laugh so as to be secure from being taken up as a libeler? I sincerely believe that were some persons to go through the streets of New York nowadays and read a part of the Bible, if it was not known to be such, Mr. Attorney, with the help of his innuendos, would easily turn it into a libel. As for instance Isaiah 9:16: The leaders of the people cause them to err; and they that are led by them are destroyed.

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