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You have to enter the car park briefly to proceed, Nepal Metro Map but in fact you exit from it almost at once by passing to the left of the telephone Nepal Metro Map kiosk. If conditions are favourable, it is possible to detour to the beach and walk beneath the steep chalk cliffs, and indeed it is said that the best way of truly appreciating the grandeur of these cliffs is to see them from the shore.

The shore immediately below the cliffs is draped with fronds of seaweeds like bladderwrack and serrated wrack, while in the rockpools you will see not only red and green seaweeds but brown serrated wracks, beadlet and dahlia anemones, shore crabs, hermit crabs, possibly squat lobsters, limpets, razorshells, egg-cases of whelks and dogfish, and, at low tide, seaslugs, prawns and breadcrumb sponges! While this is a fascinating place, it is also potentially dangerous, for if the tide engulfs the beach you have no means of escape. Take immense care not to get cut off. Having passed the kiosk you begin climbing again, and you have a choice of paths to take you up to and along the clifftops, aiming for the Belle Tout lighthouse. Do note that the South Downs Way is signposted to the left of the lighthouse, and I suggest you take this route yourself.

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