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Fort Mott State Park and Finn’s Point Lighthouse- At this Pennsville, New Jersey site, see a 19th century fort, built as a defense of the Delaware River for the Spanish American War. Teens and adults can tour the 90-foot tall iron Finn’s Point Lighthouse on the third Sunday of select months.

The Deliberative Approach at the Neighborhood Scale

While the Network City plan was at a broader, strategic level of decision making, in Pune, India, the deliberative process of stakeholder engagement to create a walkable neighborhood as a key aspect of connected place took place at a micro level; that is, in a neighborhood (Curtin University, 2013). This pioneering exercise, which included Open Space Technology and Enquiry by Design workshops, was conducted in 2012 and called for representation from authorities, politicians, academicians, residents, and street users, among others, to sit together and discuss their issues and design a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood: Dattawadi in Pune. The process was inclusive and achieved good representation from all residents, including the elderly, women, and children.

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The Municipal Corporator for Pune Municipal Corporation announced the implementation and funding of detailed designs resulting from the deliberative workshops. She cited the significance of the deliberative process in helping to reach a quick decision on funding. Implementation of the street designs was scheduled to be an ongoing project over the next two to three years (Curtin University, 2013, p. 16).

Unless such deliberative forums are sustained and the community informed, little success can be achieved in our quest for creating connected places. Informing people at regular intervals of a project’s progress keeps interest high and develops community trust in the government and a sense of ownership towards the place.

This section explores various tools that can be used in public engagement exercises. Engagement tools should be selected according to the aim and level of engagement. Printed material, media advertisements, and digital information are important when the aim is to provide information prior to deliberations. Face-to-face interviews and telephone and digital communication are essential during information collection and stakeholder management stages. Workshops/deliberative forums, enquiry by design exercises, and round-table discussions are effective during consultation and participation stages.

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