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At one time Arundel was an important port, and it New Orleans Map was only in 1927 that the port finally closed. Arundel’s chief glory is its castle New Orleans Map , rebuilt in the eighteenth century and essentially a great country house that was built on the site of an earlier medieval fortress. It has been the seat of the Dukes of Norfolk and the Earls of Arundel for more than 700 years.

It was severely damaged in the Civil War; all that remains of the original fortification are the twelfth-century shell keep and fragments of the thirteenth-century barbican and curtain wall. Today, the castle contains some furniture from the sixteenth century, some splendid tapestries and paintings by world-famous artists, and some heraldic artefacts from the Duke of Norfolk’s collection. Close to the castle, on London Road, is the town’s Roman Catholic cathedral, commissioned by the Fifteenth Duke of Norfolk and built in Gothic style in the 1870s, although it was only designated a cathedral in 1965.

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