New York map of boroughs

CREDIT CARDS and TRAVELLERS- CHEQUES. It’s probably easier to pay by credit card than travellers’ cheque. The U.S.A. was the first country to use credit cards extensively, and most Americans now have one or more. Internationally known credit cards are accepted almost anywhere. In stores you may be asked, Cash or charge? which means you have the choice of paying either in cash or by credit card.

You’ll need some form of identification when charging your purchase.

Visitors from abroad may find travellers’ cheques drawn on American banks easier to cash. Only cash small amounts at a time: keep the balance of your cheques in your hotel safe if possible. It’s a good idea to follow instructions given for recording where and when you changed each cheque. See also Banks and Currency Exchange.

CRIME and THEFT. It’s true that New York City’s crime rate is rather high and that theft is common, so precautions are in order. Carry as little cash as possible deposit the rest of your money and travellers’ cheques in your hotel safe.

Always lock your hotel room, and don’t leave valuables there even w’hen locked. Again, put them in the safe.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave objects in sight, even in a locked car. Avoid dark side-streets or other obviously seedy areas.

Always keep a tight hold on handbags. Don’t leave your property unattended even for a few seconds. Report any offences to the New York police, tel. 374-5000, or 911 for emergencies.

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