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Boat and Helicopter Excursions

Your visit to New York would not be complete without the jjf traditional boat ride around *0 Manhattan. There’s just one company with regular service, the Circle Line, leaving from Pier 83 on the Hudson River at West 43rd Street (see Boat Excursions, p. 104).

The boat goes round the island of Manhattan, a 35-mile voyage that takes three hours.

It’s quite a long trip, but well worth doing. A guide will indicate points of interest. To see Manhattan in a boat in a shorter period of time, take the ferry to Staten Island from Battery Park. The fare is still New York’s biggest bargain.

Flying over the town in a helicopter is an unforgettable experience. There are various

Sailor’s view of Brooklyn Bridge, traditionally sold to unsuspecting visitors by city-slicker swindlers.

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