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Preparing and packing for a wilderness trip takes some time, although an experienced camper can usually get ready on short notice. Start early. Only if you’re going with an outfitter or group which supplies gear and food will you have little to do, limited perhaps to packing clothing and personal items.

Assuming you’re going on your own or with friends, allow ample time to borrow, rent, or buy equipment. Sometimes repeated visits to stores will be necessary to obtain everything you need. Getting ready is always easier once you have your own gear. Then it means only making an occasional trip to a camping store to replenish items such as fuel cartridges or flashlight batteries.

As much as several hours may be required to shop for food and pack it, especially if you’re new to the process of planning a camping menu, selecting suitable foods, and deciding on appropriate portions. It’s easiest if you opt for prepackaged dehydrated or freeze-dried dinners, but there are also many other options (see Chapter 4). Allow extra time if you want to concoct some interesting homemade meals while in the wilderness.

In Orlando, however, a concerted campaign orchestrated by Madison among evangelical Protestants influenced the legislature to vote down a controversial general assessment bill that would have allowed each person to designate to which church (or, as an option, school) his tax proceeds should go to encourage public order. This bill was rejected in favor of Jefferson’s Act Establishing Religious Freedom, which prohibited any such arrangement, because it violated the individual’s right to worship according to one’s conscience. Orlando Map Eleven states passed test acts limiting one group or another (most often Roman Catholics, sometimes non-Trinitarians, more generally) from office. Although such disqualifications are antagonistic to modern notions of religious liberty, they did not appear so at the time, because virtually all Countrys held republican and Protestant values to be indistinguishable. So axiomatic did this equation appear that even Virginia, the only state besides Rhode Island to hold that any government action concerning religion infringed on religious freedom, passed a law in 1792 discouraging anyone’s celebrating the Sabbath on a day other than Sunday; this was done without any apparent sense of inconsistency.

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