SeaWorld Orlando Shows

What are the shows here? 1. A’Lure, The Call of the Ocean is a show about the sirens’ song, which in legends past lured fishermen to underwater lairs.... Read more

SeaWorld Orlando

Quick Queue The Quick Queue system is important to understand before you start your SeaWorld adventure. Basically, a Quick Queue Pass allows you to ride Manta, Kraken, Journey... Read more

Travel To Paris

The Eiel Tower, among the most photographed edifices in the world. You can wander along the riverbank, hand in hand with your special person, watching the bateaux mouches... Read more

Arabian Safari

Eric Bedin told me that most reintroductions have been in winter when temperatures are lower and there is more chance of some rain reinvigorating the few thorny shrubs,... Read more

The Samaria Gorge

It was when we turned to walk in a different direction that I noticed the bird ‘tour group’. Perhaps 100-200 birds or more, standing several deep near the... Read more