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Thai Soapy Massages :

The other kind of Massage is the “sensual” kind. These places are usually very up-market establishments with plush furnishings. For soapy body massages, you can definitely have a great experience in Pattaya. Here’s the lowdown. On entering, you will see an area behind glass, with tiered seating and between 10 and 100 girls seated here, waiting for you. The famous “fish bowl”. The girls sit there all orderly in bleachers like a prom dance, with numbers on their chest as identity. Take your time, sometimes at first glance it looks like they haven’t clean out the tank in quite a while, there’s a lot of bottom feeders. There’s a lot activity here, girls pop in and out, and in any minute some cute little hottie will pop on in and sit down in the bowl. Get your fishing pole ready, soon it will be time to answer the call of the gods of testosterone.

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Most parlors have a lounge area by the fishbowl, where you can have a drink and choose your masseuse at leisure. Take your time, pick one you really want bad, and don’t just settle. Pick out your girl, pay and move to a room. You hop in the hot tub and get a sudsy bath, then onto the massage mat. Best done in a sandwich, i.e., 2 girls. Request the body massage. Then it’s onto the bed for the last part of your date. The whole thing is around 90 minutes, with the taxi fare of 1300-2500 baht.

The best known parlors in Pattaya include Sabai Dee, Sabai Land and Sabai Room, all on Second Road near Big C. Sabai by the way is the Thai word for comfortable. Others of note include Susie Massage in Soi 4, Diamond Massage in Soi Diamond, Walking Street and Heaven on Sukhumvit Rd near Central Pattaya Rd. The way the places operate is they a house fee of 400 baht for the massage, and the goodies are negotiated directly with the girl. They tend to ask for 1500 baht but can be negotiated down to 1000 baht.

Aside from the bars, the Excite Discotheque is the most talked about club in town, with a good mix of sophisticated tourist and local clientele. The crowd at Hollywood Disco has more locals and the party can get rowdy at times with occasional fights. The Hard Rock Cafe has a daily live band, and on weekends foam parties that offer ‘bubbles of fun”. If you’re into live music, there’s a great house band at the Climax Beer Bar, not to mention 20-30 hot little ladies.

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