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Notwithstanding all this, the Hollanders believed that they had the Phoenix Subway Map best right to the Delaware River; yea, a better right than the Indians themselves. It Phoenix Subway Map was their object to secure at least all the land lying between said river and their city of New Amsterdam, where was their stronghold, and which country they once called The New Netherlands. But, as their forces were still too weak, they always kept one or another of their people upon the east side of the river to watch those who might visit the country. As soon, therefore, as Menuet landed with his Swedish company, notice of the fact was given to the Director-General of the Hollanders in New Amsterdam.

He waited for some time, until he could ascertain Menuet’s purpose; but, when it appeared that he was erecting a fortress for the Swedes, he sent him the following protest: Thursday, May 6, 1638. I, William Kieft, Director-General of the New Netherlands, residing upon the island of Manhattan, in the Fort Amsterdam, under the government belonging to the High and Mighty States-General of the United Netherlands, and the West India Company, chartered by the Council Chamber in Amsterdam, make known to you, Peter Menuet, who style yourself Commander in the service of Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Sweden, that the whole South River of the New Netherlands, both above and below, hath already, for many years, been our property, occupied by our forts, and sealed with our blood, which was also done when you were in service in the New Netherlands, and you are, therefore, well aware of this.

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