221 Ossington Ave, Toronto, 416-532-8000

www. pizzerialibretto .com

CUISINE: Pizza/Italian

DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Lunch & Dinner


NEIGHBORHOOD: Little Portugal

This popular pizzeria serves pies from a wood-fired-oven. Here you’ll find a busy restaurant and delicious authentic Neapolitan pizza. Another favorite is the Homemade sausage and caramelized onion with mozzarella. No reservations.


The Wall runs for 37 miles (60km), linking the River Forth near Bo’ness to the River Clyde at Old Kilpatrick, facing north, and generally commanding low ground, with forts at regular intervals along its length. Some, like Rough Castle and Bar Hill, are still of interest. The Wall was built of turf, though on a stone base, so it has not survived very well, nor has what could be called the service road which ran along behind the Wall, though this Military Way, as with Dere Street over the Cheviots, is often indicated by the pockmarkings of small quarries alongside. The best surviving feature has been the vallum, or ditch, which ran along in front of the Wall – and the best lengths of that feature will be described. The main road heading out north beyond the Wall started at Camelon, just west of Falkirk, and there are traces of Roman forts and camps angling across behind the Ochils to Perth and up to the north-east of Scotland – far beyond Hadrian’s Wall which tends to be regarded as the Romans’ northern boundary. The boundary was seldom static in reality. Caesar had first raided England in 55 bc and the real invasion began in ad 4. The governor Agricola first entered Scotland in ad 79, with the optimistic hope of adding it to the Roman Empire. Trimontium (Newstead) on the Tweed, named by the Romans for the triple-peaked Eildon Hills, became the main Borders base, and along the narrow waist of Scotland Agricola built a line of forts, quelled Galloway, and headed up to the northeast to win the great battle of Mons Graupius, the site of which remains tantalisingly unknown. His fleet reached as far as Orkney before he was recalled to Rome.

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