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They decided that they could grow comparable fruit in Paso Robles Portland Subway Map and were among the first growers in the United States to buy grapevines through ENTAV (Establissement National Portland Subway Map Technique pour l’Amelioration de la Viticulture), a French agency that field-tests plant material for health and vinicultural suitability. Cass credits the certified vines with his vineyard’s uniform ripening, consistent quality, and immediate success.

Cass and Plemons hired South African winemaker Lood Kotze to craft wines similar to the ones they encountered on their trip. Under Kotze’s skilled supervision, the wines have borne out their hunch about the region’s potential to produce superior Rhones and proven to be a mighty draw for wine lovers. Most arrive by car or bicycle to taste the wines and tuck into lunch, but more than one local has turned into the winery on horseback, making the stop while on a leisurely ride. The partners continue to sell 80 percent of their grapes to other California wineries, and they are delighted to have a cellar full of their favorite Rhone-style wines, grown and bottled in Paso Robles.

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