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Idaho has 12,000,000 acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) or public domain lands, consisting of many separate units. Most are in the south-central and southwestern parts of the state. Included are a number of Wilderness Study Areas, tracts which are under consideration for wilderness status.

BLM lands in Idaho encompass mountains, canyons such as Bruneau River Canyon, caves, and large areas of desert. There are lakes and several whitewater rivers, including stretches of the Payette, Lower Salmon, and Bruneau Rivers.

Access to some of the tracts is difficult, and roads are not always in good condition. Brochures or other printed information are available for very few of the areas.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible on most BLM lands, but there are very few established trails. Cross-country travel is normally required, Horses are allowed, as are mountain bikes in most areas.

Rock climbing and spelunking (caving) are options on some of the lands, with cross-country skiing available during the snow season. Fishing is

possible, and hunting is permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed freely throughout BLM lands, as are campfires, except where otherwise prohibited. Permits are not generally required.

For Further Information: Bureau of Land Management, 3380 Americana Terrace, Boise, ID 83706; (208)384-3000.

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