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If you run out of money while traveling, the easiest and cheapest solution is to have someone back home make a deposit to your credit card or cash (ATM) card. Failing that, consider one of the following options.


It is possible to arrange a bank money transfer, which means ask ing a bank back home to wire money to a bank in Europe. This is the cheapest way to transfer cash, but it’s also the slowest, usually taking several days or more. Note that some banks may only release your funds in local currency, potentially stick ing you with a poor exchange rate; inquire about this in advance. Money transfer services like Western Union are faster and more convenient than bank transfers but also much pricier. Western Union has many locations worldwide. To find one, visit, or call: in Australia®800 501 500, in Canada®800- 235-0000, in New Zealand ®800 270 000, in South Africa® 0860 100 031, in the UK ®0800 833 833, or in the US® 800-325-6000. Money transfer services are also avail able at American Express and Thomas Cook offices.

US STATE DEPARTMENT (US CITIZENS ONLY). In dire emergencies only, the US State Department will forward money within hours to the nearest consular office, which will then disburse it according to instructions for a US$15 fee. If you wish to use this service, you must contact the Overseas Citizens Service division of the US State Department (® 202-647-5225; Su, nights, and holidays®202-6474000).

Introduction of Tobacco In spite of the bitter failure of the first years, Jamestown’s fate turned around in 1613. Johannesburg/East Rand Metro Map There were several reasons for the settlement’s eventual survival, the most important being the introduction of a crop that became highly successful: tobacco. Although little money could be made by raising corn or grain, tobacco, the obnoxious weed, grew easily in the Virginia climate. With its popularity soaring in Europe, much of it having come from the Spanish West Indies, fortunes were quickly made in Virginia, as much as $75,000 a year.

Interestingly enough, King James I detested tobacco, declaring that it was loathesome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs. John Rolfe, one of Virginia’s first settlers, is credited with discovering a method of curing tobacco that contributed to its economic success in the young colony. In no time, it became the economic backbone of Virginia. In 1616, accompanied by his Native Country wife, Pocahontas, Rolfe traveled to England to pursue the commercial distribution of tobacco. His marriage to Powhatan’s favorite daughter was seen as a great alliance for Virginia. Even James I received Pocahontas as royalty. Pocahontas died before she was able to return to her homeland.

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