Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi with Family

UAE has become one of the sought after travel destinations in the world. People from all over the world visit this country throughout the year. When someone talks about UAE most people tend to think and talk of Dubai. Although it is true that Dubai is unparalleled when it comes to tourist attractions and hospitality, yet it is important to understand that UAE is not just about Dubai. There are many other places which can provide equally amazing experiences. One such place is Abu Dhabi. Dubai, often overshadows this beautiful place.

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There are many breathtaking tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi too, which can make for a memorable trip. This location is not as crowded as Dubai and yet it offers some spectacular things. Hence, Abu Dhabi is very well suited for a family trip. Abu Dhabi has something to offer to people of different age, sex and taste. The facilities and the hospitality in this part is world class too. Moreover, easy mode of transport makes this as extremely convenient place to visit along with the family. It is particularly well suited for kids as they have exciting places like the Ferrari world where they can spend hours having fun. Unlike some of the other parks like it the Ferrari world entry fee is not as steep. There are also several places in the region which are ideal for the elderly people. All these factors make Abu Dhabi the place to visit with full family.

When on a family trip to this place, the following are some of the places which should not be missed as they provide excellent experiences for the tourists.

Comforts of Emirates Palace

This one of the most luxurious places in UAE to stay. Although one may have spent time at some of the best hotels and resorts in the world but that cannot be compared to the grand accomodation at Emirates palace. One gets royal treatment at this hotel. The property of this hotel is huge. It is placed right next to he beach which ensures that almost all the rooms have excellent beach view. In addition to that, one can find many different types of cuisines as there is no shortage of restaurants in their compound. As many as 14 different restaurants are present here. All these restaurants provided a wide variety of food and drink options. There are many other advantages of staying here too. One has to be there to know just how good their service is. It is an ideal place to stay for the family as there are many things which can be done in the nearby areas.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

To appreciate this structure one does not necessarily have to be a follower of Islam. Anyone who loves art and architecture would a love tour of this beautiful mosque. It is the largest mosque in UAE. This structure can mesmerise people of different generations. It is one of the must see places for anyone visiting the country. It is an extremely picturesque building where tourists from all over the world take lots of pictures.

Ferrari World

Although this is a themed park which is known to be one of the favourites among the kids, yet it has been noticed that people from all ages enjoy a trip to this park. One has many options, as they have about 20 adrenaline pumping rides here to enjoy. This experience can bring a young family together as the whole family can have a great time together. Moreover, if someone books a tour package to Abu Dhabi then the Ferrari World entry fee is significantly less. This makes it an economical option too.

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