Revere Swap-n-Shop Flea Market US Map & Phone & Address

Revere Swap-n-Shop Flea Market US Map & Phone & Address

Routes 1 & 60 (Squire Rd.), Revere; (617) 289-7100 Taking up a good chunk of the Showcase Cinemas parking lot every weekend from early spring to late fall, this swap meet is the genuine article. Along with lots of okay stuff like knock-off NBA T-shirts for $3 and budget luggage, there are lots of real deals to be found among the dozens of merchants here.

Much of the merchandise consists of good-quality closeouts. One vendor on Mine’s visit had a good selection of discontinued Nike sneakers for $30 and $40 a pair. Another had irregular jeans from the Gap for $10; the same price at other dealers might yield a pair of work boots, colorful aerobic outfits, or even wristwatches (sure, you always find $10 watches at a flea market but these included a one-year warranty!).

Booth after booth displays useful items like kitchen gadgets and cutlery; fresh produce; secondhand compact discs and Nintendo games; colognes (both real and imitation), cosmetics and Avon products; socks (four pair of Burlington crews for $5); there was even a booth dedicated solely to bras.

Not to mention carts serving up great-smelling sausages, fried dough, slushes, and the like. As long as the weather is warm enough, the Swap-n-Shop operates Saturdays and Sundays from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. plus any

Monday holidays. Admission is 50« for adults, free for kids under 12; and of course, there is plenty of free parking.

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