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2010 The Plaza, 704/334-8909, HOURS: Daily 7 A.M.-11 P.M.

VanLandingham Estate is like no other home in all of Charlotte. The original owners, Ralph VanLandingham and Susie Harwood-VanLandingham, commissioned local architects Charles Christian Hook and Willard G. Rogers to design a home that represented the latest architectural craze, the California bungalow. The five-acre estate demanded a home with more presence, so Hook and Rogers adapted the compact bungalow design to grander proportions. The resulting design has been called a bungaloida traditional bungalow on steroids. The estate was completed in 1913 for a price of $6,000. At the time the estate was built, the neighborhood was called Chatham Estates. All of the homes in the exclusive neighborhood, including the VanLandingham Estate, were built on five-acre lots. During the Depression many landowners in the neighborhood divided and sold their lots, but the estate remained intact. In 1970, the estate was willed to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the hope that it would be used as the Chancellor’s residence. The college opted not to use the estate for this purpose and, in 1977, it was sold as a personal residencebut not before a developer attempted to purchase the property with the intent of leveling the home to build a high-rise. It was saved when it was put on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the VanLandingham Estate is a bed-and-breakfast. The home has undergone a series of renovations since it was first built but still retains its original architecture, including sleeping porches off of four of the bedrooms. Some of the original furnishings are still in the home, including the couch in the living room, the dining room furnishings, and the couch and matching chair in the upstairs foyer. The landscaped grounds make the estate a popular spot for weddings.

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