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It had a pure and brittle quality. That night I Best cities to travel in the China camped in a cove by the lakeshore, and managed to dry my clothes over a fire Best cities to travel in the China . By building the fire against some sheltered boulders I heated up one boulder enough to keep me warm, and it was a mild night. By morning the ice had thawed further and the cracks had widened into paths. Eagerly I set out paddling across the lake. It was a glorious morning, crisp with the ever-present sound of ice breaking up, and made dazzlingly bright by the sun on the ice.

Time slipped away as I eagerly continued the ballroom audio. I heard Kat ask if there was anyone with us from the panic and if they died. A few seconds later, the soft hiss of “yes” was recorded.

Unfortunately the shadow Kat thought she’d seen against the ballroom window was not seen on video. It was dismissed as a common problem with ghost hunting, seeing things in the dark that simply aren’t there. We believed that until, just moments after Kat thought she saw a shadow, a voice was heard, “Hope they get it.” The voice sounded as if it spoke directly into the recorder. Is it possible that at least one spirit is hoping the shadow was captured on video? To this day we wonder why.

Having finished her audio review, Kat came into my office and sat down. “So, what are you finding?”

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