All right what’s up guys. So we’ve driven all the way to West Hollywood the Avenue of the stars and. I’ve got about three hours.

And plug. I gotta go to the airport so. I can go to Bali tonight, but we had to make a stop here because one of my best buddies will it then Hollywood coincidentally the same time we’re here.

So we’re going to go say hi he’s go to a movie premiere tonight. So he’s actually here for work they literally flew him across the world go see a movie yeah. I really still Kaseem, it’s been like almost a year.


I’m acting everything here when that movie premieres actually happening the avenue of the stars, you got all the big-name celebrities got their names on here with a giant star on it not only be summoned where are, you will. I’m fabulous oh my god. I think.

I’ve ever seen in my life what is that one jack oh my day. So the last time. I saw will was when.

I broke his bike. And ditched him in the Philippines with a broken bike my bad data just went into the chain oh my god have, you got it fixed um no. I never got anything but.

I got the bike company to sponsor me sent even better when, you film a moment if there is no out now we have to fake it we have to do it again he said we just invited will it was like really quick, but grace ketchup. And the funny thing was right as we were coming down out the lobby there was actually a group of newscasters waiting to interview with will. And they’re like oh my gosh like, you know they recognize from our Philippine series.

And they’re like who we please interview, you we’re not on the red carpet tonight, but we feel like it feel like a million jobs, it’s like, you see where need to get off a floor now. I know this by chance let’s just say Hollywood is a bit of a weird place Laura and. I headed to the airport.

And we had a heart filled goodbye as a wooden container for close to three weeks we don’t do long-distance very often. And, it’s never easy to say goodbye, but like. I’ve done countless other times it was time to board a metallic tune.

And fly for 24 hours from North America in Southeast Asia next stop falling so. I boarded a taxi headed off in a sprint just like this dude right here dedication. I felt the exact same when.

I got somewhere to be. I’m going to pretend. I just arrived the three Plato’s anyone here oh yeah oh, you both tell me are, you good for, you dude this I’ll marry max mean, you like to just see, you for the baby.

I’m just right now that was pretty authentic we’re going to be travelling around Bali we’re going to go to Java what’s our plan. So far we don’t have too much of a plan we’re going to see volcanoes we’re going to see water. I was going to do it all yeah.

I guess. So, you already know we saw Rob in Hawaii and. So Mason’s also from Seattle.

I’m just meeting them for the first time up guys helping out Rob for this trip to take some photo. And post like, you can use these vlog things helping out with that. So, it’s a good time sweet, but under do Instagram yeah do Instagram as well alright on last night we had a really late night we’re in Changu.

And we went out to old man’s. And then we went to that sounds really weird. So, this is our Airbnb villa, it’s a shared pool, it’s really nice area.

And like 60 us. And night just crazy. So nice to be back in Bali after an expensive trip to Hawaii Robinson’s inform, you that we don’t have a left break, but we build the right Briggs is good.

So welcome to echo beach here in janggu. I got to say guys there’s a post coming up and. I think.

I’m going to do a bit of house hunting. I think. I’m going to look to buy actually not buy.

I’m going to look to rent something kind of long-term here in the Changu area just something about it just screams like lifestyle like everything from having the beach within five to ten minute walk or drive from your place meet new people who come through here every month, it’s insane like there’s so many people to block the ball, you hear a lot of people who do Instagram Facebook blog they all come here whether, it’s on vacation or to make content so. I think it’d be a really good career move as well as lifestyle.

I just. I think, this is where. I want to live, you can do a doodle is all that all my shoes over if.

I don’t make it. I Exodus Hugh inspiring music. I believe, you the New York that was not bad at all you’re on the other side.

So that’s what matters my name is Brom ROM ROM just let me test out his 100 to 400 lens look at this thing yeah, it’s a B. And, it’s actually not twist to zoom, it’s pushed in pole position which. I’ve never seen before we just watched some sunset.

And now we’re going to head back to the place federal short-day. So Mason is a straight hustler also known as the sticker man want to tell us what your businesses so. I have a sticker machine okay.

And everyone thought it was a bad idea at the very beginning for me to buy the sticker machine but. I’ve proved them wrong when I started selling these stickers, you pay me the machine off in like latter week first first half of the week paid off for 700 all our machines no one saw it coming, you know is good young hustlers respect of course that’s the cool thing is like there’s literally.

So many ways people can make money. So many people think that they have to get a job to make money. And.

I’m not saying, this is his full-time income, but at the same time, you can supplement income, you can work less by hustling. And creating the side income and, you know if you can work remotely then, you can even leverage the fact that you’re living in a place that’s much cheaper like Bali. I was talking to a guy last night actually who works here in Bali he operates his Aussie business here.

And he was saying that he pays about 750 u.s. for rents.

And he’s got like this crazy four bedroom villa here in Bali now. I don’t know what the villa look like obviously it could be vastly different than we expect. I’m very curious to shop around.

And see how far money will go here. We’ll get to that serious soon where, it’s maybe called Christians trying to find a home involving. We’ll need a better name for and.

I would stop everyone back great I’ll do em again. I’m gonna come fast l know the last time. I saw y-you was probably about seven months ago he was showing us around he actually brought us to this really incredible waterfall this one’s called to purchase exactly mine can’t wait to cook food.

I’m getting wet, you well that was one of the most epic waterfalls you’ll come across here in Bali definitely a little on the busy side, you have to come during a certain time. So like around 11:00 to like maybe one you’ll get the best lighting up when, you get the streaks coming down. And that’s why, you also get a lot of people here at the exact same time all right yo guys what is up we are back at our Airbnb here.

I actually spent about the past two hours going around town trying to find somewhere. I could rent the bike let me show, you what. I came up with.

So basically was door knocking on everyone’s doors trying to figure out somewhere because we’re going to go. And do like a nine hour bike ride tomorrow. I didn’t want to be stuck on a scooter.

I wanted something cool something fun to ride check this out we not bad hey. And the craziest thing about it is this thing cost me seventeen US dollars to rent per day unbelievably affordable. I mean yeah, you could rent a scooter for five dollars, but I’d much rather pay the extra to ride this all of the custom bikes, you find here they always pep up the muffler’s.

So they’re so loud before. I rented this one.

I literally had tried out the entire fleet of another rental place. And clearly they did not care about maintaining the bikes because it was literally like the biggest joke, you would apply the brakes and, you just keep going Oh or if the brakes were somewhat working then the other problem would be that the blinkers didn’t work or the mirrors were gone. So.

I’m very excited that. I found a bike that’s actually safe. And fun.

And the brakes work like amazingly well they’re super responsive access be careful not to apply them too quickly really excited for tomorrow’s adventure taking us to a place. I’ve never been before Java has a lot to offer the best part is that will actually have why, you joining us. And why who has been to Java.

I was – more than once. So he’ll be giving us that local insight he speaks the language. So just makes getting around a lot easier.

And he’ll really show us those hidden gems guys if you made it this far in the post hit the thumbs up button if you’re new to the blog hit comment. And the Bell button. So you’re notified when the next Java motorcycle Road series is uploaded.

So excited let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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