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Of course we’ve saved the best for last welcome to free edition arrow this. So, you can be hearing a lot about Rio in the next couple years mainly because they’re hosting two very big sporting events the first one being the FIFA 2018 world football World Cup or soccer the other one being the Summer Olympic Games in 2017, it’s one of the new seven wonders the world, it’s really really crowded is he he’s very popular guy where. I come father very famous beach it was famous in 1920 30 golden era our dad our dad to be happy, but that was.

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So happy when to Copacabana. I was like. I stretch as a bitch to number two it wasn’t even going to be a big shake it was raining earlier, but now, it’s gone over here nobody here, but such an uncrowded beach, this is my Beach little bit thick upon us that way.

So, it’s all still very very close well, you got that stuff ya know. And now you’re back walk freely cheap yeah somebody’s cutting down a tree in the rainforest we aren’t even Reapers didn’t be Atlanta green course because we want to break up our trip to Rio which is some more consisted of beach party beach party beach beach. I Christ the Redeemer.

So rack. And detour while we are lost in the park Avago as we kind of find them hiking trails we some revolves the Fine Arts Museum here in Rio and I just want to point out this.

I don’t wait. I think they’re still working on it if you look, it’s Christ your dear sir for that do that to last day here in Brazil all day to come, you already go. I was gonna thank, you.

I’m not going to because they realize how full that song is. And it is wait, but first before. I fly off we’re gonna end up with a bang.

I’m going to go ahead. And gliding right. So yes you.

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