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Turn right onto the drive, shortly arriving at a fork Riyadh Map ; the right-hand drive leads to a private house, while you take the left- Riyadh Map hand path. The path, initially heading south-westwards, swings southwards, with an area of woodland to your right. Soon a public bridleway forks off to the right, but you continue in a southerly direction along the left-hand edge of open fields, with woodland to the left.

The path kinks slightly to the left and meets a crossroads of paths, but you continue southwards, keeping a narrowish strip of woodland to your left, and arrive at a point where a metalled road heading east-west meets a road heading off south. You are now heading for Up Marden, which is easily reachable by following the road leading south, but the official route of the Challenge Walk turns right down the road heading west. In a few hundred yards there is a signed path leading off to the left and heading just east of south.

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