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Beach weddings ofer limitless space and possibilities. However, you should remember that the weather can be unpredictable hot or cold, wind or rain, but most importantly, tides varying by season. Be sure to have a backup plan for the weather, including flexibility in your schedule and budget. Investigate the timing of the sunset and tide: Good sources of information are the National Weather Service Forecast Oice ( and WaveCast ( Also, if you select a public beach, you might get onlookers and wedding crashers.

At one of our beach weddings, a group of three cute and boisterous children thought the setup for the ceremony was their playground. As a wedding planner, I’ve learned to be prepared for anything, and colorful sand toys were just the right solution to relocate the children to a safer zone while the parents observed the setup from a distance.

First, check the local laws. Diferent countries have varying rules surrounding what time you must legally perform the ceremony by. In the Cayman Islands, we find having the ceremony 1.5 hours before sunset makes for ideal conditions and scenic photography.

The temperature isn’t too hot, and the ceremony can take place in full daylight. You’ll get great pictures during the ceremony and still have time for photos as a couple and with family and special guests. Nevertheless, we came across a couple who wanted to have their ceremony after sunset but wanted all their guests on the beach for an hour prior. To keep guests entertained, we recommended holding the cocktail party before the ceremony, which turned out to be a great idea everyone was relaxed in time for the ceremony.

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