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Roman Gladiator School Learn How to Become a Gladiator in Rome Italy

I’ve done a lot of schooling in my life, and usually its really boring. But today, I’m going to Gladiator School. And I’m pretty excited about this, come on. You show me your right hand. It means that you come in peace, you have no knives. No knives. Great. We are a reenacting group focused in the Roman period. I’m in the museum right now, and Marcus Aurelius is teaching us history of gladiators. He’s showing us the old weapons, the old gnarly looking helmets, and it’s pretty cool but I think I’m ready for some action. You see this thing? You stick it over the shield like this so you can still get at him. I am now a gladiator. Before we start swinging any swords, I gotta go through the gladiator warm-up obstacle course. Here we go. Okay, come on, come on, come on. Speed up, come on. This thing was really fun. It was so much fun. It was exciting for all of us, it’s nothing like we’ve done. One, two. So we’ve been in Gladiator School for about 15 minutes so far and we’re already dueling our partners. Two, four. Okay, good. Okay. Russell Crowe, read out. This is the last part of gladiator training. It’s the ring of death. This should be interesting. Fight. Not in the jewels. We really enjoyed the Gladiator School. It was a lot of fun, we had four kids here with us, and they had a really, really good time. So what is this, are you sure I’m ready for the, the, metal thing? This is our Do you wanna try? Let’s give it a shot, man. Whoo, that is a work out. This is probably the best class of my life. Gladiator training, I’m a lethal weapon. Just do your business and..

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ome – Colosseum

Stadiums all around the world are designed after this building, the Colosseum. Let’s go check it out. This place is even more massive than I ever could have dreamed. I’m told that about 50,000-80,000 people were in this stadium, all cheering on their favorite gladiator. And the floor was made out of sand, and the sand was used to absorb the blood. So, not only did the gladiators fight themselves to the death, there were animals involved, and they were all held down here under the arena. And they had trap doors that would shoot them up onto the arena floor, and they would battle to the death. So, I just got my cheap seats. I’m way up here, fourth level with all the women. That’s where the women sat, and I figure that’s a good place to sit, right? ‘Cause back in the day, people would look out over this and they’d see chariots and all the old structures still intact. This post, you see civilization, but it is still beautiful. It’s crazy to think that this place has been around for 2,000 years, and it still stands today right in the heart of Rome. The Colosseum definitely lived up to all my expectations and more! This place is a must-see.

Rome Map and Travel Guide Photo Gallery

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