Ruzizi Tented Lodge Akagera National Park, Rwanda

A few impressions before starting my tour. Ruzizi Tented Lodge is a charming mid-range lodge in Akagera National Park. This post also features a safari in Akagera National Park. The National Park is home to the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffaid, and rhino). I was very happy with their service and highly recommend them. I booked my trip to Akagera with Uber Luxe Safaris. Uber Luxe Safaris offers very professional service. Transfers are in safari land cruisers with experienced English speaking guides.

Ruzizi Tented Lodge is a two hour drive from Kigali. The drive is on excellent roads, except for the last 15 km (10 mi) which is on a gravel road. Akagera in northeastern Rwanda. The lodge is located inside Akagera National Park. Akagera is located in northeastern Rwanda, along the country’s bordftwVKkuIanzania. Entry fees for the park are $35 USD per person per day for international visitors. All tourists need to register at Akagera’s visitor center Entry fees for the park are $35 USD per person per day for international visitors MK Wall. The lodge is about 30 minutes from the park entrance. Along the way, you get your first glimpses of the beautiful scenery of Akagera.

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Akagera is Rwanda’s largest national park. The scenery is dominated by savannah, papyrus swamps, expansive lakes and rolling hills. Kaera was tounsia uy me. Before its independence in 1962. Rwanda was a Belgian colony. Akagera is home to incredibly diverse wildlife I’ll take a safari game drive at the end of this post. A thatched pavilion sits at the lodge’s center. It houses a reception area, indoor dining room, and relaxation lounge. Ruzizi Tented Lodge is not a luxurious property. I would describe it as a charming and excellently managed mid-range lodge. Furnishing is simple but tasteful, with earthy tones. The walls are adorned with colorful artwork and vintage black-and-white photos of the park. Trees grow through gaps in the main pavilion’s roof.

The lodge takes eco-consciousness very seriously. The property is entirely powered by solar energy. There is also a minimal plastic policy at the lodge For example, all drinking water is served in recycled glass bottles. For example, all drinking water is served in recycled glass bottles. The local communities benefit from the lodge. Many staff members at the lodge come from the neighboring villages. 100% of the profits go back into the conservation of the park & the local communities. The lodge is owned by the National Park’s management. 100% of the profits go back into the conservation of the park & the local communities. The lodge runs environmental education programs. It promotes understanding among the locals of the need to conserve natural resources.

A pizza oven is located outside. All meals are served al fresco (weather permitting). This is the lodge’s most attractive feature. An expansive wooden terrace overlooks Lake lehman. All meals are served here. I’ll have dinner & breakfast on this terrace later in this post. Lake lehman has one of the largest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles in East Africa. Plenty of wildlife can be spotted from the terrace. Some more impressions of the public areas. Have you ever stayed at Ruzizi? If so, what was your experience? Leave a comm*. The lodge features nine tents. They are spaced widely apart on either side of the main pavilion. i-rom nere, you can enjoy in views of the iKe & ousn All tents are hidden among swaying palms and fruiting fig trees.

All tents are hidden among swaying palms and fruiting fig trees. Monkeys are often observed around the tents. Always follow the staff’s advice and keep your tent closed at all times. Tents feature either one queen or two twin beds The decor is basic and simple but has a safari feel nonetheless. I paid $400 USD for my one night stay. This included a full board, a boat trip on Lake Lehman, and park entry fees. Each Saturday, I publish one post on Youtube. It features either a hotel review or a flight in a premium cabin. I also have an Instagram. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom.

It features one sink, a shower, and a toilet. The showers have hot running water. Handcrafted soap is provided plus shampoo, liquid soap and moisturiser. This is a more luxurious tent, featuring hammocks, an outdoor shower, and a roll top bath. Ruzizi Tented Lodge also has one treetop tent. A boat trip on Lake Lehman is included in the room. The jetty is a 5 minute drive from the lodge. The lake is home to hippos and crocs. The hippo is responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other large animal. pe-animal.

The lake is also famous for its exceptional birdlife. There are more than 500 recorded species. Some Cape buffaloes are grazing along the shore. One of the Big Five, the Cape buffalo is highly unpredictable and incredibly dangerous. The lake has a depth varying from 5 to 7m (16 to 23 ft). It is located at an altitude of 1,292 m (4,238 ft) above sea level. An African fish eagle perches on a shoreline tree He’s watching for prey and territorial intruders. Some cute baby crocs are resting on a beach. Mummy – a massive Nile crocodile – is watching them from nearby. Dinner at the lodge is served on the outdoor terrace. The 3-course dinner menu changes daily (food is excellent). Barbeque Jerk Fish Skewers, Barbeque Beef Skewers served with.

Stuffed Baked potatoes, 3 Bean Salad, Couscous Salad &. Sticky Toffee Pudding. The next morning. Time for a hearty breakfast, accompanied by terrific lake views. Akagera is a National Park in recovery. The area suffered tremendously during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Refugees swept into the park after the Genocide. A majority of the wildlife was killed, including the last lions. Akagera National Park is home to the Big Five:. Lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. Black rhinos were reintroduced in 2017. Lions were re-introduced in 2015 (there are now 22 lions in the park). It’s difficult to spot all Big Five animals at Akagera. As wildlife numbers increase, sightings will eventually become more frequent.

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