SeaWorld Orlando Planet Explorers Travel Tips

Don’t forget to take pictures!

Measure your height before you go to SeaWorld Orlando that way you’ll know exactly which attractions you can ride and not ride.

Collect fun souvenirs along the way brochures, postcards, placemats, and coasters make great, inexpensive mementos. When you get home, you can glue them into a scrapbook.

Have a plan for if you get separated from your parents (ask a cast member for help), and most importantly, pay attention to everything around you.

Wear sunscreen. And remind your parents to wear it, too.

Load this book on your phone so you can check it throughout the day.

Remember a jacket… it can get cold once in a while.

Pack comfortable shoes (at least two pairs). SeaWorld Orlando involves a ton of walking…although not quite as much as Walt Disney World.

Don’t be afraid to ask the people who work at SeaWorld about the animals you see there. They have lots of knowledge and want to share it with you!

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