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Just past the exposed stone walls of the foyer, a Seoul Map massive fireplace promises winter warmth, large artworks inspired by the vineyard hang below a row of lofty Seoul Map windows, and a sheer sense of space prevails. In front of a huge, arched window that looks over the demonstration vineyard, stacked glassware glints from behind the triangular concrete bar. Here, wine aficionados may enjoy complimentary samples of the winemaker’s choice of the month or pay a nominal fee to taste a selection of estate wines and sip the Cuvee Collection of signature blends.

Marc Laderriere, vice president of sales, notes that, because of the winery’s Swiss heritage, its principals embrace a European approach that favors food-friendly wines with modest alcohol content and a bright finish. To promote the enjoyment of wine with food, the winery offers a number of wine-and-food pairings. They include a creative pairing of five artisan cheeses and special release wines, the Petite Sirah and Chocolate Experience featuring locally made truffles, and the Gourmet Lunch Tasting, which begins with a sampling of wines, followed by a sumptuous meal.

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