Shanghai Metro Map

Fortunately I had by this time reverted to being a backpacker Shanghai Metro Map . Part of the pleasure of the canoe is that it takes only fifteen minutes to inflate Shanghai Metro Map or pack away. With its water usurped by the karez, and not being flood season, the river-bed continued onward as a dry pebble course. A horse came galloping along the bank, ridden by a young man in a hurry. The Kazakhs are renowned horsemen and famous for the horses they breed. They call their horses their wings’ and often value them above their wives.

Driving through the town what we failed to notice, in passing, was a small lot with a lonely, sandstone arch. Its significance was completely lost to us. We would later learn that this marked the location of the Italian Hall and was the sole reminder of that fateful Christmas Eve nearly one hundred years ago.

Traffic increased as we neared the Calumet Theater. With copper prominently displayed in its roof and cornices, this two-story renaissance revival structure clearly stood out from many of the other buildings in town. It immediately caught our eye as we turned onto 6th Street.

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