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Your thirst may be quenched at the Old House at Home Shenyang Map Tourist Attractions , a deservedly popular pub. Early in the nineteenth century, efforts were made to reclaim some Shenyang Map Tourist Attractions drowned land between Chidham and Bosham to the east, and in 1812 an embankment wall was built between the two shores. The efforts were doomed, for in 1822 a heavy storm flooded the reclaimed area and it was once again lost to the sea; it is hard to believe that any future efforts would succeed.

As stated above, you turn right at the T-junction to continue, joining the road initially, but you are quickly able to join a path that runs along a parallel embankment on the right-hand side of the road. While the road continues northwards, the embankment path bears right to proceed alongside the shore, with the buildings of Bosham making a delightful sight across the creek which is known as Bosham Channel. The failure of the Chidham-Bosham embankment path means your having to swing northwards, all the way back to the A259.

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