The Dongmen market area dates back to the Ming Dynasty in the 17th Century and is said to have been the busiest street in Shenzhen for over 100 years. It had a big revival in the 1920’s in the Sun Yat-sen period and again in the 1980’s, when it was restored.

Lao Jie Old Street is the metro stop for the Dongmen pedestrian shopping area and is the most popular station for getting on and off the metro. If you stay on the metro after Lao Jie, there are usually plenty of seats. Crowds throng from Lao Jie metro station to two parallel streets with cross-streets and alleyways, forming the backbone of the Dongmen area.

As you exit Lao Jie metro via Exit A and go up the escalator and at the top, turn left. You’ll come to the pedestrian shopping area. Here you can find retail chains such as Giordano and Uniqlo, together with shops selling all kinds of shoes, jewellery, handbags, street wear, DVDs and beauty salons offering manicures and hair extensions.

There are hundreds of shops, many with several levels of shopping. Department stores and international brand stores are the only places where you don’t bargain. Everywhere else, you should try for the best price possible, although offer prices will start lower than in


You will find big fabric markets across Dongmen Rd. Two worth a visit are Jianghua Drapery City near the Metropark Hotel and the market near the Green Tree Inn.

Dongmen is crowded most of the time but is best visited outside weekends and public holidays. If you want ubiquitous bling, Mando-pop, fishnet stockings and the fragrance of Sichuan-pepper chili soup noodles with fish balls on a skewer, go to Dong Men.

Address: 2001 Jiefang Rd Luohu


Buses: 102, 103, 113, 203. Buses stop in Dong Men Zhong Lu. Walk along one of the pedestrian streets near the Dong Men footbridge to get to the shopping area.

Metro: Lao Jie lines 1 and 3


Apart from the above there are a couple of other local shopping areas.


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