PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THE CITY This is the easiest way to get around for the non-Chinese speaker. Metro Stations are shown in Pin Yin romanisation as well as in Chinese characters and announcements are made in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Unfortunately once you arrive at your end station exit signs are only in Chinese characters but once you go towards an exit some signs are in English. In this book we’ve referenced which exit to take for major landmarks and if you need to find out which exit to take for other destinations you can go to the station staff in their office and show them your destination in characters or on a map. Station staff tend not to speak English but they are helpful and your destination as a tourist will probably be well known to them.

The Shenzhen Metro is fast, clean and safe with on average three to four minutes between trains and never more than six minutes. Montreal engineers Bombardier managed its construction and supplied rolling stock. Siemens provided the systems. Hong Kong MTR Corporation manages one line, the Longhua line.

The Shenzhen Metro, at publication has about 160m odd km of track Shenzhen Metro; there are currently three new Metro lines under construction.To find the Metro station at the Lowu border crossing, walk straight out of Chinese Immigration for about 20 metres and you will find signs leading you down an escalator straight into Luohu station. The Shenzhen metro has a logo like the Hong Kong MTR has. Look for a green logo, which means the Metro station is nearby. Similarly at Lok Ma Chau-Fu Tian Kou An, after immigration, go down the escalator and the station entrance is on your left.

Ticket prices vary with distance but it’s rare to spend more than $4. You can buy a ticket at the ticket machines at the station are easy to read and available in English. Touch your destination on the map on the machine. The machine will tell you the price and ask you to insert coins or notes. The machine then issues a ticket in the form of a green round token. You touch the token on the sensor at the turnstile on entering the station. On exit you drop the token into the slot on the turnstile. Easy!


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