Shops, Restaurants and Hotels in Centre Barcelona

The popularity of Barcelona when it comes to natural bounty and historic landmarks is amazing thus it captivates the eyes and the heart of all the tourists that keep coming back every year. The city itself let them feel the merging of two opposite era yet coincide as it reflects the charm, emblematic and stylistic living of the people. This historic place is complemented by the numerous shopping centers, restaurants and hotels in Centre, Barcelona.

Most of the hotels are a combination of modern and classical architecture. Interiors are filled with great paintings of famous painters and furniture and other decorations are vintage in appearance. All these are balanced with the state-of-the-art facilities like body tone machines on the gym and spa clinics. Internet connections on the rooms and Wifi zones on the hotel keeps the guests track their business and work while having a holiday.

Department stores and shopping centers are just walking distance, look for signature items like Sephora, Mango, Zara and Fnac. Perfumes, books, accessories ,shoes, bags, jeweleries and anything that you need while staying at the hotel. There are over hundred of big and small shops in the City Centre that sell variety of dry goods. Also, stores for local threads are available such as homemade accessories. Wet stores offer best tapas in town and fresh sea foods.

Barcelona has large number of restaurants offering all types of good food. Spanish people really love taking meals outside their home thus making restaurants and cafe crowded. There are average and standard restaurants with fixed prices on their menus and additional payments for special orders. Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Lebonese, Indian, Italian and other international cuisines are featured. They also cater local dishes the Spanish and Catalan specialties.

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