This area started out as factory buildings. It was subsequently taken over by the City Light Industry Bureau as a display and sales centre for its products. That was in the days when the line between state enterprise and private was much more blurred. Now that state enterprises deal on the same terms as private ones, it has become a market place for artistic and decorative goods.

We’ve been shopping here for years now and are amazed at the speed the range and quality of products has expanded and improved. The range of goods is as good as you’ll get anywhere and the prices are competitive. It’s the one place where you’ll find items exclusive to Shenzhen. The goods are not poor quality like the majority of goods being sold at Luohu, it’s not standard stuff like you’ll get in malls anywhere it won’t break apart the moment you take it home.

The Centre consists of two buildings next to each other in Meiyuan Rd and another several of them across the road. The buildings are all full of shops with handicrafts, home wares and a great variety of colourful products. There is a great range of home wares artificial flowers, dinner sets, vases, glasses, tableware, fountain, and more. Some of the design is ultra-modern and attractive, some is unique to certain parts of China and some is better not described at all. If you’re after quality home wares with good design, this is the place. New stock is arriving all the time and the standard of what is available has gone through the roof in recent years. It’s a great place for small, unusual gifts some examples include the following: chopsticks, silk table runners and other pieces of chinoiserie.

As usual, bargaining is the order of the day. The quality of products tends to be good. However, as for everywhere in Shenzhen, buyer beware applies for claims about the standards of quality as the customary response to a request for a discount is to make claims about the quality of a product and the claims may or may not withstand testing.

These shops are mainly representative outlets for factories elsewhere in Guangdong and in other provinces, which is why many offer specialist products characteristic to particular parts of China. Some stores only sell the stock on display; others take orders to get made by the factories or craftsmen. In this case, preference is given to high value orders.

We should put in a word for the furniture makers. The imitation Qing and Ming furniture is excellent quality and cheap. It’s not the sort of stuff you put in your take-on baggage. We have had very happy dealings with Master Huang at Jiangnan No 1 Antique Furniture third floor of building A 0755 8247 3677 who makes exquisite Ming style furniture to our design.

Address: Meiyuan Rd, Luohu

Buses: 209,212,218,303,322,323,333,336,453,462. Bus stop: Meiyuan Lu

Website Chinese:

Cabs are hard to get in Meiyuan Rd. We know we tell you not to use illegal taxis but we make an exception for the vans waiting in the street at Meiyuan Rd. This is partly out of necessity and partly because the drivers are nice people.

Tell the driver your destination, negotiate a price before you agree to get in the van and ask for help carrying your packages on arrival if you need to, as part of the agreed price.


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