Sights and Attractions in Lisbon


The Romanesque Gothic Cathedral Se Patriarcal (12th, 14th and 18th centuries); the Fortress Sao Jorge, the former Royal Residence, the Jeronimos Monastery; the famous tower Torre de Belem (16th century) which was built to protect the port, and a number of interesting museums; the Gulbenkian, the Carriage and the Doll Museum and also the ‘Museu da marinha’- treasures from the time of the great navigators.

Timidly they look for the traps set by men.

It is glorious to see the great herds emerging from the forests and spreading over the white plains.

It is glorious to see.

It is glorious to see the caribou with their long winter coats returning to the forests.

Fearfully they look for the little people while the herd follows the low-tide mark, their hooves striking against each other.

It is glorious when the time of the migrations arrives.

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