Portugal Map

FIGURE 5.11 Funchal, Madeira. Funchal rises like an amphitheater behind the crescent bay. To feel the ambiance of another time try one of the twenty-five government-owned “pousadas,” several... Read more


Sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, the little country of Portugal has a growing number of visitors. Lisbon, the gateway city, has a number of direct flights from... Read more

Travel to Lisbon

HISTORY A legend attributes the foundation of the city to none less than Odysseus (called Ulyses by the Romans). The pure truth was that Phoenicians founded Alis Ubbo... Read more

Map of Lisbon

LISBON Lisbon has 830,000 inhabitants in its densely populated urban area and if one includes the surrounding areas the total reaches 2.5 million. Lisbon is 15 kilometers from... Read more