Sightseeing in Mandalay Sataungyei Pagoda on Mandalay Hill U-Bein Bridge drone footage

Here we are, at, The Home Hotel. Well, that was quite nice, it didn’t take that long to get in, let’s see if there’s anybody in reception.

Thank you. Oh, even the reception is open so, I might be able to check in. Reservation with the name Wicks, yes.

Sightseeing in Mandalay Sataungyei Pagoda on Mandalay Hill U-Bein Bridge drone footage Photo Gallery

No I’m not there. Okay, so, I can’t get an early check in, it’s a shame, I’m now gonna sit in these very, super comfortable seats, for sleeping in. I don’t think I’m gonna get much sleep in there, well this is the best they have, oh well, let’s make do, let’s curl up for three hours or so, until somebody else arrives, I think.

Okay, frumpy chair, they’ve got a room available, but they won’t check me in, or won’t let me in the room, I think, because I’m not on the list, because I made a late booking, so I’m just gonna have to wait, until I think the morning crew arrive, then they’ll let me in the room, so three hours of sleep wasted, shame. Good morning, mingalaba, mingalaba. Good morning and I’m still not in a room, but they are getting a room ready for me, as soon as they’ve got one, but they just don’t have rooms available, so they’re gonna clean them, so I’ll still get in early so, I was grumpy earlier, feeling better now.

What I am gonna do now though, is go and have breakfast. It’s a little cool this morning and I’m still half asleep, so, I’m gonna go in and inside here, where I hope it’s a bit warmer, morning, morning mingalaba. Let’s find a table, and go eat.

Okay, I have a room key, which means I have a room which is two ten, here’s two nine, two ten, here we go. My bags are already here, I hope they’re here anyway and in, powering up And here we go, okay, so here we are in my room, nice bathroom, shower and toilet. That’s nice, it’s a nice, big shower unit, nice and spacey, hopefully hot water as it’s cold, then I’ve got my bed, oh looking nice and comfy there, nice duvet in case it does get cold, nice, clean crisp sheets, looking nice, then I’ve got, a little area here with a, tea, coffee, water, minibar, I’ll just put you there, so you can see the minibar, prices priced in dollars pretty much.

It’s one dollar for a coke, two for a beer, stocked with a couple of drinks of each, a place for, my bags which are already there, and a couple of hangers too. Before I show you the view from the window, I’ll show you the little desk to sit at and work at with a plug point, there’s the plug point that seems fairly standard across most places near, so it actually takes, it’s quite good, it takes two pin, round and pronged and three pin round, which is great, and from my window, I’ve got a view of the city, such as it is, the church there. So, that’s very nice, so here we are, in my room, in Mandalay where am I? Home hotel, The home hotel, I keep forgetting to mention the name of these hotels, and people keep asking me so, it’s the Home Hotel in Mandalay.

Somewhere on nd street, between and rd street, price, I will put down below, if I remember to, and now, I had breakfast here, which was okay, three dollars for breakfast, if you’re not a guest, because I arrived this morning, so my breakfast for today is actually tomorrow, if that makes sense, so it, so if you come on the overnight bus and you want an extra breakfast, it’s three dollars, and then it’s a buffet, but for now, because I didn’t really get much sleep last night, I, am going, to use, that comfy looking bed, and try and get in a few hours sleep, and hopefully wake up in time to do something in Mandalay this afternoon. So, have a great day, and I will check back with you later. Looking for something to eat now, apparently there’s a nice restaurant, that does barbecue somewhere, along here.

Have a look, I got a sort of map from the hotel so I think I’m heading the right direction, which is down here and to the right, now, I think if I go down that road there, I should, get to where this restaurant is, all I got to do, is that good old, thing of not getting run over, the other thing I noticed, that’s a big difference between here and Yangon, is motorbikes on the road. So, I’ll stare these down, and I have made it across, now don’t worry, that’s not where I’m gonna eat although it is an option, the dogs are looking happy anyway, you alright guys? they’re zonked, okay, so there’s an option of an eatery. And I didn’t see a street name, so, I’ll wander a little bit down this street, and it should be, so first you go down here and on the left.

Let’s go have a look. We’re, going in. Hello boys, you can tell it’s a popular place, let’s find a table, looks nice over here.

Oops. Here we go, okay, thank you, or I’ll sit here, thank you very much, okay, thank you. I’ll put the camera down now for a minute, while I walk down these darkened streets, probably not the wisest thing to do.

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