Sightseeing and Tourism in Guwahati

Finding new and exciting places to go can be a challenge. Not because there aren’t many fantastic places to travel to, but trying to narrow down where you would like the best. There are options for big cities, smaller cities, beach areas, or those just with terrific views. Guwahati is one of those places that is a little less common of a destination but should make a list. Guwahati is the largest city in Northeastern India and is a port city. It offers many incredible things to do, as well as many exciting things to see.

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Tourism here has grown, as it has become, and there are places here that shouldn’t be missed when you make the excursion to Guwahati. Offers the best way to visit this exciting city. Guwahati Tourism is go-to for exploring and sightseeing. Some of the places of interest include museums, the ports, and Assam State Zoo. There are a few options for guides around this great city, but none of them compare to the knowledgeable Guwahati Tourism.

Possibly one of the best places to visit while you are in Guwahati is the Assam State Zoo, and for a good reason. This zoo isn’t like any zoo you have been to. For one, it will take a day possibly more to get through the whole place. For two, there are some pretty rare animals to be seen. Some of the animals in the zoo are endangered species, which makes this trip a once in a lifetime opportunity for some. White tigers and leopards are just a couple of the fantastic, beautiful animals you can encounter on your trip. When you are an animal lover, this is one can’t miss place to visit.

Interested in taking in a show of the universe? The Guwahati Planetarium offers running shows on their huge dome. They start every two hours, so no matter what time you arrive, you will be able to witness this visually stunning display. Their main draw for tourism is the ability to look out at the universe with telescopes. Make sure that if you plan a visit here that you set aside enough time. Don’t rush the experience; it is majestic. See the universe like never before at the Planetarium.

If you want to know more about Guwahati, there is no better place than the Assam State Museum. Here you can examine the culture and history of this beautiful city, and get a sense of how it has grown.

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