A Simple Guide for Your First Family Fishing Trip in the UK

Fishing is one of the most relaxing and yet rewarding of all sports. You enjoy the combination of a day in the outdoors, on a riverbank or by a lake in the sun or even the rain, and the thrill of the bite and the catch, and it is something that – once you have tried it – you will never tire of. Indeed, fishing is said to be the most popular participation sport in the world, and whether you are fishing for sport or for food it is equally rewarding. It also takes a great deal of skill, which you learn primarily through experience.

If you already enjoy fishing, have you considered taking the family? Even if some of you are not interested in the fishing itself, there is still the opportunity for a fun day out with the kids. Choose somewhere that combines good fishing with fun activities close by for children, and you have the perfect day. Or, you might want to get your kids interested in fishing, so that they can learn the skills and discipline – especially the patience – needed to enjoy this great sport to the full. If you’re looking for a father and son bonding experience, fishing may be the thing to do!

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What You Need

So, what do you need for the perfect family fishing trip? Well, to begin with you need all the right kit, and then the same for the kids! Rods, reels and the like are all the standard purchases, and need not be expensive for beginners, so you should check out your local fishing supplies store for the best deals, and also look online for further great prices on quality fishing gear. To help you plan the perfect day, here’s a few other items you might need for the perfect day, that may not come immediately to mind.

Appropriate Clothing

– kids want to wear what their friends are wearing, but the latest gear may not be ideal for a muddy riverbank or lakeside! That’s why you need to make sure they have the right waterproof shoes and clothing, and are ready for a long stay in one place while waiting for the fish to bite. Pack a lightweight cagoule for protection from the rain, and also make sure you have an adequate fishing umbrella for both shelter and shade.

Fishing Bivvie

– one essential that experienced anglers always take with them is the fishing bivvie, and these can come in various shapes and forms. In short, fishing bivvies are portable waterproof shelters that are ideal for protection against the rain, and we found a great review of the best models at Bestreviewer, where you can also find advice and information on a wide range of fishing and outdoor gear, plus much more. It’s well worth a visit, and you get the best prices too.

Telescopic Rods

– the modern breed of telescopic fishing rods are excellent designs, and fold away to a very small size so you do not take up too much space in your kit bag. You can find reviews of these at Bestreviewer, too, and they are great for beginners as well as for experienced anglers, and not expensive. Check them out now and see how much choice you have at great prices.

Bite Alarms

– there is nothing worse than waiting all morning for a bite and then realising you have missed one thanks to not paying attention. The trick is to invest in one of the many decent fishing bite alarms on the market, which are excellent devices that ensure you will never miss a bite again. Check out the top 10 now at Bestreviewer, and you will see that a bite alarm – or perhaps more than one if you are fishing with the family – is a sensible investment at a very reasonable price.


– you can’t go fishing with the family without food, so make sure you pack a picnic! This is a sure-fire way to convince the kids that a fishing trip is a great idea, and as you will be spending a full day or several hours in one place, also an essential part of your travelling kit. Make sure you also have plenty to drink, as waiting for those fish to bite can be thirsty work!

A family fishing trip is made all the more fun by including the above items, but make sure you buy light and portable models as you will be carrying stuff from the car to the fishing spot and it may be quite a distance. Meanwhile, why not get the kids interested in fishing by buying them their own rods and reels, and taking them on a trip to your favourite local fishing spot? You never know how hooked they will be!

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