Small Group Borghese Gallery Tour

Today we’re taking a small group tour of Rome’s magnificent Borghese Gallery.

Today we’re doing a tour of the Villa Borghese, or the Borghese Gallery. We’re going to see the largest collection of Caravaggio in one space, the painter of darkness and light. Bernini, all those early statues that launched him into Baroque rock stardom. We’re going to see a whole room full of Raphael, the painter of sweetness and light. We’re going to see all the masterpieces you can think of, and more.

Small Group Borghese Gallery Tour Photo Gallery

The great thing about this tour is that you get to skip the line. You don’t waste any time lining up for tickets. You wanna maximize your time inside the gallery ’cause there is so much art to see. Always book a tour because the tour guides are art historians with a passion for this stuff.

They know the characters, the stories, they can really bring it to life for you and make a solid marble statue breathe. This is absolutely breathtaking. Bernini’s. So much history, the way that he would sculpt the marble, he would make it actually look like his hands were pressing into the flesh. You don’t need to be an art historian to appreciate this place. It is so vibrant, so full of color, so full of life, and you will leave feeling blown away. It’s absolutely magnificent.

The Borghese Garden, you can come here, chill out, have something to eat, a picnic, take in the sunshine, the nature, or just enjoy the serenity. Wow, that was a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve never seen such beautiful art in my life.

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