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607 Providence Rd., 704/334-2727 Map 4

The interior of Manor Theatre is as old as some of the classic films shown on its screens. Still, the manor is a popular spot to see art-house films, foreign flicks, and movies that caught the attention of critics at national and international festivals. It’s part of the Regal Entertainment Group, so tickets for the two-screen cinema are available on major online ticket sites like Fandango. Unlike big-name blockbusters, which are shown for months at other theaters, films here come and go fast, so don’t wait to see the offbeat flick that’s showing.


4289 Park Rd., 704/523-9771 Map 5

Not sure whether to see the latest star-studded movie or the independent flick that’s in limited release? You can see both here. Run by the Regal Entertainment Group, the theater has six screens and shows both independent films and new Hollywood releases. It’s an old-school theater (complete with an old-fashioned marquee), but what it lacks in ultra-cushioned chairs and cup holders in the armrest, it makes up for in its intimate feel and flicks that aren’t shown elsewhere in town.

16371638 Ostensibly upset over the killing of trader John Stone ( South Sudan Map who had been banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony), the United Colonies of New England send a South Sudan Map force to punish the Pequot of the Connecticut River Valley. In the main action of the Pequot War, the English and their Narragansett and Wampanoag allies set fire to a major village on the Mystic River (also known as Mystic Fort). As the village burns, Pequot noncombatants, mainly old men, women, and children, run for their lives, only to be put to the sword by the English. Estimates of the dead range from 400 to 900; the native people who survive are sold into slavery. By the terms of the treaty that stops the fighting, the Pequot are forced to submit to the English in every way, and their tribe is effectively dissolved.

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