Spag’s Supply Company US Map & Phone & Address

Spag’s Supply Company US Map & Phone & Address

193 Boston Tpke

Shrewsbury; no phone Yes, it’s a schlep from Boston, but how could Mine possibly leave a legend like this out and still look himself in the mirror each morning?

What began in 1934 as a humble neighborhood hardware store has grown into a multi-million-dollar operation housed in a sprawling complex of several buildings still presided over by its founder, Anthony Borgatti, the guy in the cowboy hat who does his own TV commercials.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, brace yourself. This is true bargain-hunter’s paradise but, like all those stories about people who get what they wish for, something’s gone a bit haywire. Aisles run diagonally into each other. You’ll find weed killer across from food processors, a potentially dangerous juxtaposition.

Crowds can be oppressive on weekends. But many folks plunge in anyway, lured by the bargain prices on everything under the sun.

The original store, right on Route 9, and its newer expansion directly behind, are the center of the action. This is where you’ll find deals on groceries, hardware, books, toys, luggage, furniture, clothing, and more. Except that you’ll also find clothing just up the hill behind the main store, in the Olde Schoolhouse” building. For that matter, they’ve got some more furniture in there, too (higher-quality stuff). So much for organization. Power tools, computer software, shoes, and garden sculpture also abound here.

Back down the hill, the smaller Sport Shoppe has good prices on gear for every kind of team and individual sport imaginable, from tennis racquets and baseball mitts to tents and fishing rods. And the garden center does the same for, well, gardening.

How do they do it? VOLUME!! Nowhere is that old tag-line more accurate than at Spag’s, where they simply do so much business that they can afford to keep the prices low. Mine even saw the biggest discount he’s ever found on his own humble book (now that’s cheap).

In order to keep your strength up, refreshments are sold outside the main store and the schoolhouse building. Soda, hot dogs, coffee, and muffins…you’ll need it. Spag’s is open weekdays from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Saturdays from 8-9, and Sundays from 12-5. Also worth noting: They now accept credit cards, a relatively recent addition.

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