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If, on the other hand, the sea-level St. Petersburg Metro Map temperature drops to the mid- 60s, high elevations can experience frost. In a mountainous country St. Petersburg Metro Map such as Haiti, upland temperatures can be springlike throughout the year. Proximity to a Large Body of Water Have you ever noticed that when cold late-autumn temperatures arrive and the ground freezes, a lake remains ice free for some time? Or that in the spring, after the snow is gone and the ground has thawed, a body of water remains frozen for a while? This is because water heats and cools much slower than does land. Also, a body of water will not get as hot or cold as an adjacent land mass will. Therefore, land located near a large body of water will not experience high and low temperature extremes common to inland locations.
Everyone gathered around and watched as the video was replayed. Stationary infrared cameras reflected off the infrared light on one of the handheld cameras. This refracted light caused shadows.

Disappointed, Matt shrugged his shoulders. “Well, at least we identified the cause. That’s good.”

We were incredibly impressed with the way Matt, Melanie and the team worked to ultimately disprove the suspect apparitions. Not many teams would be so thorough, patient or willing to go to such lengths.

All too often we’ve seen teams eagerly accept the first video clip as evidence without any attempt to validate. It would have gone up on their Web site, Youtube and other media sources as their discovery; either for their own self-promotion and ego or just out of naivety and simple lack of objectivity. This is one of the reasons we admire and respect Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators. They don’t do that.

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