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149 Pond St, Stoneham; (617) 438-7459

The big attraction at the Walter D. Stone Zoo is undoubtedly its aviary. The sixty foot-high structure replicates a tropical rain forest in both height and climate; it’s filled with native plants and some forty species of birds. This alone is worth the price of admission, but you get a whole lot of other animals into the bargain. And that price is pretty low to begin with: $3 for adults, $2 for students and seniors, $1.50 for kids 4-11, and children under four admitted free. Open daily from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

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The houses passed were those of the staff of the coal mines, the teacher, minister and such. The miners’ rows have long been demolished and new areas of housing created further west. Following the B802 from Auchinstarry into Kilsyth, you see the town sign bearing the burgh’s coat of arms, and just beyond, left, is the pepperpot watch-house in the cemetery. Under this watch-house lies the Kilsyth family vault, of which a gruesome story will be told on our return walk. The road into Kilsyth dips, then pulls up again. Cross it, to note the monument erected to the memory of a minister who died in 1910; apparently Mr Jeffrey ‘wore the White Flower of a blameless life’ Kilsyth has a tradition of religious fervour dating back to Covenanting times, which became most notable during religious revivals in the mid-18th and 19th centuries. Few towns have as many churches. Keep on the same side up to a decoratively planted roundabout, cross at once, and head down a pedestrian path which leads through an arch (pend) into the heart of the town, a few steps taking the architecture back a century. Turn right at once along Market Street to an attractive square with an 1869 fountain and continue, then turn left onto Burngreen, laid out as a park in 1910. The bridges over the various streams have fine period railings as, for safety, they could not be removed during World War II.

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